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I think, therefore I think.


Welcome to my blog.  My name is Phil and I have thoughts in my head.  I try to share them in a coherent fashion, basing my observations and impressions on solid foundations of vetted facts.

Comments are welcome, including from opposing views, so long as the conversation remains civil and founded in fact.  I will remove any (from any viewpoint) that cannot stand up to that basic requirement.  Be aware, however, that you will always see me reference the current resident of the oval office as The Exalted Cheeto.  If you feel that violates my own requirement for civility, you are welcome to exclude yourself from any conversation that appears on this blog.  Recognize that I will, aside from that one point, always be scrupulous in writing based on truth and fact, rather than innuendo, rumor, or flat-out lies (again, from any viewpoint).