The vote already has been cast, but…


Okay, here’s a non-politics issue that I am passionate about and hope you’ll help register disapproval on.

Rob Manfred, the commissioner of baseball, has instituted a rule for 2017 that replaces the four-pitch intentional walk with a signal that sends the batter to first. I would like you to go to the following website, select “fan feedback” from the dropdown menu, and ask them to reconsider this move.

Just last season, Gary Sanchez hit a long sacrifice fly off an intended intentional walk pitch. Many times, a wild pitch or pass ball has occurred. This move by the commissioner is, in my opinion, “messing” with the game and should not have been enacted. I am hopeful that if there is enough negative feedback, he will reconsider.


Thank you!

MLB’s contact page

(photo credit – MLB 2016)